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“It’s taboo in the publishing world for ghostwriters to come forward. I dared to break this taboo only because keeping quiet would mean not just that I’d have to live with this guilt for the rest of my life, but also that I’d risk the wrong “legend of Onoda” being passed down. This book is also my confessional text, so to speak.”

Tsuda Shin was the ghostwriter for Hiroo Onoda‘s international best selling memoir No Surrender, My Thirty Year War. For three months in 1974, Tsuda Shin lived with Hiroo Onoda, tasked with writing Onoda’s memoir about his thirty year war on Lubang Island in the Philippines. Tsuda Shin almost quit on the job, twice, and faced moral conflict in the months after the Onoda’s memoir was printed. Consequently, his conscience led him to break ghostwriter code, and he published his own memoir exposing the dark truth behind Onoda’s hero narrative. 

Tsuda Shin’s An Imaginary Hero: My Three Months with Hiroo Onoda has been translated from the original Japanese for the first time in fifty years and will be available in English language.


Cover Art

Dave Bowers

Foreword by

Mia Stewart

Translation by

Shi-Lin Loh and Marie Ishikawa